Hi, I’m a craft beer connoisseur, experienced home brewer, and tech geek. I ventured into craft beer the moment I turned 21. I couldn’t get behind the watered down flavor of many production beers. I attended college at a small technical school in Williamsport, Pa. This city hosted a gem of a brewery named The Bullfrog. Not only do they not serve any big production beers but provide consumers with a great selection of their own beers. From an easy drinking Blonde to a bitter IPA, they provide something for everyone. Being that I am a technical person that loves to create pretty much anything I can, home brewing was the next logical step in my craft beer venture. I initially started small and brewed the basic 5-gallon stove top batches. I soon became bored and decided to scale up. I moved to a 15 gallon Brutus 10, then a three tier 1-barrel system, then back down to a 15 gallon system; tinkering with the process every step of the way.

During this venture, I became a husband and a father and decided that brewing smaller batches was more manageable both financially and time wise. This is where I am today. I brew on the stove top with the help of a heat stick. This allows me to enjoy the hobby all while spending time with my family.